Two Speed Model Trimmer
Gamberini two Speed model trimmer
Automatic water valve and a variable height platform
The motors run at either one or two speeds
(1.400 – 2.800
Another great Gamberini product

Mod. SQ/OR: Dual Wheel Orthodontic Model Trimmer

The orthodontic model trimmer, SQ/OR, is constructed in accordance with European standards to guarantee both quality and safety. This trimmer is equipped with two 450 watt, 1400 R.p.m. motors which may be activated either indipendently or simultaneously by means of the two ignition switches. Near the bottom of the unit are two manually adjustable valves for independent regulation of water flux onto the two abrasive disks. These reinforced abrasive wheels measure 300 mm. in diameter and are different in grain, one being used for cutting and the other for finishing models. This trimmer, equipped with a selenoid valve for automatic water flux control comes complete with both a graduated goniometer and a modelpresser. A double goniometer is available upon request.

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