Memory Shade Tray

Porcelain shade memory wet tray The moisture retention function ensures the porcelain mass Receives the correct amount water and remains in a workable state.. Grids in numbers and alphabet allow you to mark and distinguish the correct porcelain.  


Non Precious bonding Alloys We supply all data sheets F.O.C for all our alloys NP11SOFT non precious bonding alloy made in the USA Ugirex┬ánon precious bonding alloy made in Europe Chrome Cobalt made in the USA All available from DRS … Continue reading

Milling Burs

Milling Burs Zirconia Milling Burs Zirconia Stylus Surveyor / Milling Tool This Surveyor comes complete With a twin pivoting arm, a fully adjustable post, A locking movable base, all the tools, and an attachment for milling that can take the … Continue reading