Light Cure Units

Light Master Light Curing unit / box

Complete with 8 UV lamps and a halogen 150W covers a spectrum of light from 320 to 550 nm and is suitable for all composites photoactive. Equipped with a timer, rotating pan and fan.

Light Curing Box
Cures light activated composites
Includes four 9 watts bulb
Heavy duty and durable for long lasting use.
Equipped with a 5 and10 built in minute timer
Dia: Aprox 280 x 290 x 110mm

Sibari SR620 Light cure Unit
Light polymerizing of all acrylic and light-sensitive
Materials on the market.
Rotating plate
Cooling fan
Halogen lamp
Microprocessor electronic control,
8 fluorescent lights
I 1 50W halogen light,
The maximum internal temperature
Never exceeds 50 deg. C.
Emission of UVA rays and white light, covering
The complete spectrum of all light curing Materials