Sand Blasters

Microjet pro 2 Micro Blaster – sand blaster comes  complete with two pencils and two tanks for aluminium oxide 50 to 250 micron   Easy sand pro 2 Micro Blaster – sand blaster comes  complete with two pencils and two … Continue reading


Electronic Weighing scales Acculab Pocket Pro 250 250Gram Capacity Weigh Modes: Gm, oz, Troy oz Platform 3” x 3” approx

Sibari SR620 Light Cure Unit

Sibari SR620 Light cure Unit Light polymerizing of all acrylic and light-sensitive materials on the market. Rotating plate, Cooling fan, Halogen lamp. Microprocessor electronic control, 8 fluorescent lights, I 1 50W halogen light, The maximum internal temperature never exceeds 50 deg. C. The emission of … Continue reading

Steam Cleaners

Steam Cleaners VP Mini 3 litre VP Maxi 5 Litre These Steam cleaners are robust, easy to use and easy to maintain They have a removable heating element for easy replacement. The trigger switch is on the gun / nozzle … Continue reading


Surveyor / Milling Tool This Surveyor comes complete With a twin pivoting arm, a fully adjustable post, A locking movable base, all the tools, and an attachment for milling that can take the N7R hand piece. And electrical heating too

Surveyor Heater

Electrical Heating Tool This electrical heating tool is designed for dental milling work and it’s compatible with variety of existing milling machines and surveyors