Galetti Style Articulator

Galetti Style Articulator Quality Articulator that provides for the easy firm grasp of models of any size. It Controls the correct occlusion with maximum precision. No plaster work or accessories  required. Easy to clean Spare parts available.

Gamberini Lathe

Two speed polishing lathe The Reliable Gamberini two speed lathe Mr. Gamberini ‘s family has been making products  for 50 years You will get many years of happy use  from this product ( Guaranteed ) 1400-1800 R.p.m. 350 watts 220 V. … Continue reading

Gamberini Model Trimmers

Two Speed Model Trimmer Gamberini two Speed model trimmer Automatic water valve and a variable height platform The motors run at either one or two speeds (1.400 – 2.800 Another great Gamberini product Mod. SQ/OR: Dual Wheel Orthodontic Model Trimmer … Continue reading

Gamberini Polishing Cabernet

Gamberini Polishing cab complete with Mounted Lathe This Gamberini Polishing cab is finished with a stainless steal and anticrodal aluminium work surface, it has halogen lighting, and it comes complete with black plastic troughs. It has a two way extraction … Continue reading

Gel Machine

Duplimat NT is an anologue machine with a 6kg capacity and an auto cut off on the lid Duplimat Pro is a fully digital gel / agar Hydrocolliod gel machine with an 6Kg capacity

Gelmelt 8 Gel Machine DRS

Gelmelt 8 This full-automatic gel melting machine it has an 8 litre tank. By making use of microprocessor technology very precise values can be realised. The melting and processing temperatures are programmed with push-buttons and potentiometers


Model Grinder / Trimmer        High Speed Grinder Spindle High Speed Grinder Spindle Will fit Demco / Ray Foster / Metrodent /

Gum Sheild Machines

DR9 Vac former Heavy-duty spring and latch mechanism to hold all types of thermoplastics. Compact design and a Uniform heat distribution. NKDR70 The “Machine” is an economical unit that is excellent for fabricating most thermoplastic appliances. It has the following … Continue reading