Electro Polishing

Electro Polishing Unit This unit is made with a corrosion-proof aluminum body Both the triangle stick and Electrolyzing plates are made of corrosion-proof titanium material for long lasting use Chamber size Approx 150x 100   (easy four chromes)

Emmevi Burnout Furnace DRS DE1

 Emmevi Burnout Furnace DRS DE1 Digital panel controlled by electronic microprocessor – Possibility of programming 1 two-phase cycle; each phase includes 3 programmable parameters: temperature (up to 1100 °C), temperature increase speed (from 1 to 30 °C per minute) and … Continue reading

Extractor Cabernet Fume

DBTT660C Fume Cabernet Steel construction finished in dove grey It has a fan and carbon filter unit mounted onto hood enclosure Complete with clear Polycarbonate view panel and hood lighting Carbon filtered with centrifugal blower’s external rotor motor type brushless … Continue reading

Extractor Draw

Interlab Dust Extractor Draw These units are constructed in plastic coated galvanized steel, incorporating a high powered two speed silent running Induction centrifugal fan (310 CFM).  The drawers slide smoothly on runners within a U channel that can be fitted … Continue reading

Extractor Hood Fume

AMP Fume Hood The AMP was designed to neutralise the levels of methyl methacrylate fumes and vapours used in all kinds of labs, this unit is designed for table top small labs It has a special carbon filter (135 140gr) … Continue reading


DB1 Dust Buster  Dust Removal System This is a heavy duty Industrial Dust removal system, designed with laboratory requirements in mind. The DB1 has a three way filter system.  The first line of defense is a Standard fibre filter bag … Continue reading