Curing Units

Hydro Flask and Clamp

Pressure Pot
The DR90 Pressure Pot/ Cure Unit is a robust unit featuring a pressure gauge and pressure release valve and fully conforms to the CE   Capacity 5.5L

Ditton Dry Cure Unit
The Ditton automatic dry heat processor is designed to cure all thicknesses of acrylic resin without causing porosity, strain or distortion.  The slow temperature rise produces long polymer chains giving added strength to boil off excess monomer.  The controlling switch is programmed to cure up to 12 flasks each night without resetting.  Quick curing acrylics in lightweight flasks can be processed in about 2 hours.  CE approved.


Interlab Wet Cure Curing Unit
Constructed in plastic coated galvanised steel, fully insulated tank & lid in heavy duty stainless steel. Capacity of 6 X 3 flask compressors. Capable of single or two stage temperature Processes, with a Digital temperature display.

LIGHT MASTER Light Curing Unit

Complete  with 8 UV lamps and a halogen 150W covers a spectrum of light from 320 to 550 nm and is suitable for all composites photoactive. Equipped with a timer, rotating pan and fan.



Sibari SR620 Light cure Unit
Light polymerizing of all acrylic and light-sensitive
Materials on the market.
Rotating plate
Cooling fan
Halogen lamp
Microprocessor electronic control,
8 fluorescent lights
I 1 50W halogen light,
The maximum internal temperature
Never exceeds 50 deg. C.
Emission of UVA rays and white light, covering
The complete spectrum of all light curing Materials

Interlab Model Deluxe Boil out unit
This is the flag ship Interlab boilout unit.
It is a fully programmable unit with over night cycles Etc.  It holds 16 half flasks and can process up to 24 flasks the tank is stainless steel the outer casing is galvanised steel with a strong plastic coating.  It is a low maintenance machine with filters that need to be cleaned or replaced from time to time
Basic model is also available

Light Curing Box
Cures light activated composites
Includes four 9 watts bulb
Heavy duty and durable for long lasting use.
Equipped with a 5 and10 built in minute timer
Dia: Aprox 280 x 290 x 110mm